Road Trip

Well, I’ve had my bike about six weeks now and still haven’t done any serious long-distance travel on it. So yesterday, disregarding the forecast for possible rain, I went for a ride down the Great Ocean Road and back. I took a few photos, but mostly this was a trip about proving to myself that I could do 540 km in a day on a motorcycle, and revisiting one of the more enjoyable stretches of road in Victoria.

I set off at 7am took the freeway into the city and then out again along the M1, which now ends slightly after Geelong. Shortly after that, I reached the town of Torquay, the start of the Great Ocean Road, and stopped to stretch my legs and reassure myself that my hands could still move. Doing 100 km/h on a small motorcycle is a lot more physically demanding than it is on a car.

After Torquay, there’s almost 100km of beautiful winding road to Apollo Bay. I’m still not particularly confident when it comes to going fast on roads like this, especially when you’re sharing it with buses that only approximately fit in their lane and Europeans in rented camper vans who are still getting the hang of driving on the left hand side. Fortunately traffic was pretty light. The only slightly harrowing moment I had was entirely my own fault: feeling like I was going a bit fast through a corner, I reached for the front brake, which pushed the bike more upright and sent my veering off to the edge of my lane. Luckily, my bike’s ability to corner is far greater than my own confidence, even on slightly damp roads, and I was able to correct my position with no major drama.

At Apollo Bay, I stopped for a cuppa and second breakfast.

After Apollo Bay, the road gets faster, with fewer tight curves and more sweeping bends that you can take at 100 km/h. In practice I was doing a little bit slower than that because going around any kind of corner on a bike at 100 km/h still feels to me like everything is happening all at once. After another 100 km, I reached the Twelve Apostles, a beautiful rock formation formed by erosion of the coastline.

The Great Ocean Road goes on for a bit further, but this was enough for me. At Port Campbell I turned off onto the country back roads that lead back to the A1 to Melbourne, through the dairy country around Cobden. Cows on either side and almost no traffic made for quite an enjoyable ride. Eventually I reached the main road, filled up with fuel at Colac, and rode the final 160 km home.


2 thoughts on “Road Trip

    • Cheers! Yeah, it was a pretty long day but I really wanted to get a feel for what a long ride on a motorbike would feel like. My luggage rack arrived yesterday so now all I need is a tent and a stove and I can go camping 😀

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