Sunday Afternoon Links

  • The Most Dangerous Gamer. “Blow has decided to use his money—nearly all of it—to finance what may be the most intellectually ambitious video game in history, one that he hopes will radically expand the limitations of his chosen field. […] With The Witness, produced with about $2 million of his own money, he plans to do nothing less than establish the video game as an art form—a medium capable of producing something far richer and more meaningful than the brain-dead digital toys currently on offer.” This sounds fascinating. I don’t normally play computer games, but I think I could make an exception for one that aims to express existentialist philosophy!
  • The Siege of Academe. An interesting article about tech startups challenging the authority of universities. For all that I cringe reading the San Francisco hipster stereotypes (and worse, realising that I fit half of them), it does seem that in the long term, people are going to be getting their education from something quite different from the sandstone universities we all know and love. Maybe the brief few decades from, say, 1970 to 2040 will go down in history as the heyday of traditional university education.
  • Natural Philosophy (on The Policy Tensor). This is a broad article on mathematics, philosophy, science, economics and how everything fits together with everything else. The conclusion stands on its own: “If we are serious about our intellectual endeavour to make sense of reality, we have to go back to being natural philosophers.”

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