Sunday Afternoon Links

I’m going to branch out a bit from my usual photography posts and start posting weekly-ish links to things I’ve encountered along the internet. I’m not going to make any attempt to be timely or provide the latest news, just pass on a few things that I found interesting:

  • The Martini FAQ Apparently stirred might be better than shaken. Since reading this, I’ve been meaning to go and buy some vermouth and experiment with making martinis, but haven’t got around to it yet.
  • Australiar and the Idiot Dilemma. A fantastic rant by Geoff Lemon.
  • A Software Architect’s View of the Design of Double Entry Accounting Systems. Wow, now that’s a nerdy title! I also found it quite interesting, despite knowing almost nothing about accounting, because it goes into the history of accounting systems. The thing that surprised me most: they were invented to keep track of debt (what you owe and what people owe you), not of money, partly because debt predates currency by a long time.
  • How Feasible is a Guaranteed Minimum Income (John Quiggin) and What Is Income Support For? (Don Arthur). Interesting analyses of two different aspects of “the dole”, addressing topics which mostly go ignored when people talk about it.
  • The Great Abbreviators. “The danger of abbreviation is ‘quarter-truths’ and ‘half-truths’. The danger is pseudoscience. The danger is contextless, irrelevant sound bites sold as authoritative insight. The danger is equating ‘the truth’ with talking heads and ‘expert’ opinions. The antidote is responsibility.”
  • Prog Spring: part one, part two, part three, part four, part five. I like prog rock and I cannot lie.

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