New Wheels

Last weekend I got my motorcycle learner’s permit. This weekend I bought a 2003 Honda VTR250, a small but well-regarded bike. So far I’ve ridden it three times: once yesterday to take it for a test ride, then today to take it home from its previous owner, and finally a quick trip to T2 in Fitzroy to buy some more leaf tea.

The test ride was a bit of a disaster. I actually came off the bike and dropped it in a botched attempt at a U turn, when I realised half-way through that the street I was turning around on was one way, slammed on the brakes and came off. Fortunately I was going very slowly when it happend, not much more than walking pace, and was completely unhurt. The bike’s left hand mirror snapped off; it’s currently held on with Araldite until I can get to a bike shop to pick up a new mount for the mirror and some touch-up paint for the small scratch on the mudguard.

(A note for non-Victorian readers: a learner’s permit allows me to ride a bike by myself wherever I want, so long as I have a bike with a little engine, zero blood alcohol and no pillion passenger. In three months’ time or later, I can sit the full licence test; after that, I won’t have to display L plates but the other restrictions will remain for the following twelve months.)


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