Monday was pretty much a day spent in transit. Got up in the morning, caught the bus to the airport and met up with Juliet. Then we caught the plane to Bangalore and a taxi to our accommodation – which took almost two hours and cost about $16. Ate dinner, then collapsed in bed.

The next morning I discovered how little chilli tolerance I have, compared to what is required for Indian food: I managed a couple of mouthfuls of breakfast, tasted nothing but burning and then ran off to the room to vomit it back up. One of the hostel owners told us a bit about the things to see around Bangalore (not that much – it sounds like a nice place to live and work, but not so much of a tourist destination) and took us on a walking tour around the city. Unfortunately I was feeling a bit dizzy and ‘out of it’ after failing to eat breakfast. When we stopped for lunch I forced myself to eat an entire thali despite the overwhelming burning sensation and started to feel a lot better. Since then I’ve found the food a lot more pleasant and have been able to actually taste the flavours rather than just the burning.

Bangalore is apparently fairly laid back for an Indian city – and it was certainly a lot less busy than I was expecting. The chaos and sprawl reminded me a lot of Tehran, only there’s a lot more noise (and constant honking of horns) in India, and the infrastructure in Tehran seemed to be generally a lot more modern. I saw much less extreme poverty than I was expecting in India, too.

Today was spent waiting around for Juliet to reorganise her luggage, which was a mistake – I thought this would take half an hour but ended up taking several hours, so I really should have gone off and explored the city some more on my own. Then we went off on a futile mission to find a mobile phone SIM card. Unfortunately, everywhere wanted a proof of Indian residency before they’d sell us a SIM card, so we came back empty-handed. We did, however, get the cheapest lunch I’ve ever had: we had a thali each for just over $1 in total.

Planned next stop: Mysore.

Pictures are up on Picasa as usual. A few highlights:


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