Cameron Highlands

For the last few days I’ve been up in Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands. I had to visit there, of course, because of the name. And because they grow tea there. It turns out that it’s a lovely spot for trekking through the jungle as well. Right now I’m back in KL again, and tomorrow (assuming Air Asia don’t screw up!) I’ll be meeting up with Juliet and flying to Bangalore, India.

There’s a full set of photos up on Picasa, but here are a few of my favourites:


Kuala Lumpur

After arriving yesterday and spending most of yesterday afternoon and this morning feeling a bit rubbish, I finally ventured out and did some touristy stuff. Today is technically Australia Day but with no flags anywhere or inappropriately displayed southern crosses I’m feeling more in the spirit of Chinese New Year! Found a vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown that did some tasty fake duck and now I’m trying for an early night’s sleep so I can catch the early morning bus to Tanah Rata in the Cameron Highlands tomorrow.

Kuala Lumpur feels more British than I was expecting it to. I’d describe it as kind of a cross between Ulaanbaatar and Sydney, only that probably won’t mean very much to anyone except for me.

The Day Before

Hello again everybody! Tomorrow is the day. The day that I say goodbye to Perth, hop on a plane and don’t come back until June. I’ll be spending a few days in Malaysia, then moving on to India where I’ll be meeting up with Juliet and travelling around there for two months (ish). Gradually heading north to Nepal, then possibly Tibet, and finally south-east Asia. I’ll try to keep this blog updated with pictures and stories from my travels over the next few months…

News from the suburbs

I’ve been off doing other things for a while – between the Christmas and New Year silly season and my final week in paid employment, this blog has been neglected a bit. But I haven’t forgotten about it completely. I’m now aiming to do daily photography around Perth until I set off on my big around-Asia trip towards the end of the month. After that, I’ll be posting here with pictures and stories from my travels…