Back in Perth

Back home in Perth now. Sunlight! And with proper sunlight, the kinds of patterns of light and shadow that I haven’t seen for quite a while:

Summer time!


Farewell, Swanley!

Today was my last day at work in Swanley, and quite possibly my last post with pictures from here. On Sunday, I’ll be awakening at an ungodly hour in order to catch my 9am taxi to the airport, and then flying back home to Perth. By Monday evening I should be basking in the warmth of the Aussie summer. I’ll still be working for Fugro until 6th January, but back in the Perth office.

After spending Christmas and New Year with family and friends, the plan is to go traveling around Asia from mid-January to mid-June, before commencing a Masters of Operations Research at the University of Melbourne in July.

This week in pictures

It seems that Swanley has realised it’s Christmas time. There are some miscellaneous decorations in the town centre, including this well-lit Christmas tree:

Friday night, I went into London with Kent.

Up to Cambridge on Sunday, including a short hike from Cambridge to Grantchester for tea and scones.

And on the way home, took a photo of the office at night from across the football pitch near the flat:

A truck knocked a hole in the wall of the local Aldi car park a few weeks ago. It still hasn’t been fixed. Good effort, Swanley.

Blurry is the new sharp

These two were experiments while walking back from the train station late on Saturday night. Hand-held long exposures, with my camera’s image stabilisation counteracted by the beer and mulled wine consumed previously during the night.

(The walk home was 5km longer than usual because I realised as I was leaving the train that I’d left my camera on the seat next to me. After dashing back to get it, the doors closed and I missed my stop. So I had the opportunity to walk down a narrow lane through some fields between towns.)