Scenes From the Cold North(ern Hemisphere)

FYI: the Mongol Rally photobook is now finished, and the PDF is up on Perth to Yurt blog.

A wise man once said that the internet was a series of tubes. This may be true, but what is more true is that London is a series of tubes. Sometimes the tubes get clogged and you end up crammed into a train with nowhere near enough room to swing a cat. Other times, it’s a bit more civilised. But for all its problems, this is still a pretty good way to get around the city.

This past week I’ve been making an attempt to learn to “see” in black and white. Mostly my experience has been that the photos I take look pretty disappointing when converted to B&W after the fact, and the few rolls of B&W film that I’ve shot have also been, well, rubbish. But one nice thing about digital cameras is that you can set the LCD screen (or electronic viewfinder) to display in B&W, which at least lets you find out quickly whether the shot you visualised will work without colour or not. I’m hoping that making a concerted effort to take colourless pictures for a month or two will mean that I’ll start to be able to visualise the world in black and white without having to look at the camera screen. [Inspired somewhat by the recent articles on TOP about digital black and white.]

On Saturday I went to check out the Tate Modern. On the way back home, I wandered past this cafe. From the name, I think it would belong better in Amsterdam.

On Sunday I wandered around Regent’s Park with my flatmate Kent and his friend Suzanne. We went paddle boating on the lake, terrorising the local wildlife. Lots of photo opportunities there, too.

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